A foundational course designed to help a new MOBE beginner affiliates get up and running quickly.


Dear Entrepreneur,4933_Proof

I'm Raena Lynn. Are you a beginner affiliate in MOBE? Do you feel like a dummy? You don't need to! This course is specifically designed for MOBE Beginner Affiliates to promote MTTB. Learn how to set up a basic direct funnel and intermediate funnel using step by step video tutorials so you can promote MTTB and get started on the right track by using any lead generation method.

Starting out as a beginner affiliate in MOBE might be overwhelming for you. Perhaps you are not very tech savvy. Or maybe you are new to the industry. I want to help you become successful!

I have created a learning tool for people just like you. A tool that teaches the basics of setting up sales funnels without having to spend thousands of dollars on additional classes and coaching.

Source_File_Logo_Image_06-300x200This foundational course is designed to help beginner MOBE affiliates get up and running quickly. If you Don't have a coach?-- this is the course for you!

Don't Have a Coach - MTTB for Dummies takes you through the step by step process of setting up a Basic Sales Funnel in MOBE using a solo ad for training. I have also included a section that goes over the necessary basic computer skills needed to complete the course. After learning Module 1, the course elevates to an intermediate level of setting up your own sales funnel. Once you have mastered the basic sales funnel, you can progress to the 4 Way Funnel. The 4 Way Funnel begins with a branded Free eBook on the front end and offering MTTB on the back end.

I am so excited to offer you this course and I look forward to working with each of you!



Raena Lynn