Dear Frustrated Marketer,

If you have been trying (and failing) to generate leads for your business, the following story is for you.

I met him a few years ago, and he was seriously down on his luck.

In debt.

Arguing constantly with his wife.


And on his fifth network marketing company.

Up to that point, nothing had worked for him, and he was starting to think that, maybe he needed to go in a different direction with his career.

Is that you, too?

Do you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels?
Are you having a hard time figuring out where to find new people to talk to about your business?
Wouldn’t a more systematized way of lead generation help you rest easier at night?
Are your friends and family wary of coming around you, scared that you might try to trick them into your latest “pyramid scheme?”
Well…that was exactly how my friend felt.

That is…until he discovered blogging. 

Within four months of blogging every day (he wasted two months, not following my simple instructions!), not only was the happiness in his marriage restored, but he had gone full-time in his network marketing business!

He was able to go out to eat when he wanted, was planning his first family vacation in five years…

…but most of all, he was blessed to be able to quit his job and work in network marketing as a career instead of as a time-consuming side-hobby.

There is no reason for you to keep wrestling with lead generation when there is a superior method that can get people to come to you versus you having to chase after them!

  • Do you want a better way to generate leads than what you currently have?
  • Are you looking to grow your brand and create a legion of loyal followers?
  • Is it important to you to be able to sell products or services to more and more people?
  • Do you want your family and loved ones to be proud of the work that you are doing?
  • If you have a blog, do you need the curtain pulled back on how to generate traffic, get leads, and make sales?
  • If you don’t currently have a blog, would you build one if you knew that it could be a permanent source of wealth creation for you?

Imagine If You Had A Blog That Acts As Your Virtual Personal Assistant, Making You Money While You’re Sleeping

There are plenty of people who don’t fully grasp the power of blogging.

My friend didn’t – at first. But by the time he completed his training, he was a master of the craft and in complete control of his financial destiny.

And it wasn’t complicated for him to learn, either.

See, what he discovered (and what you are about to find out, as well!) is that there are four methods of marketing that can get you all the inbound leads you could ever desire…

…and you can use all four of these methods directly from your blog!

And when you have an endless supply of leads, it’s not difficult to learn how to convert those leads into income.

But you have to know the right way to get your blog set up.

You have to know the proper way to get traffic.

And you need someone to hold your hand so that you don’t make costly, time-consuming mistakes in the process of building your empire.

As you can see, even now, I have consistently maintained the ability to drive traffic to my website….so you are in good hands.

Blogging changed everything for my friend the same way that it turned my life around a few years, earlier.

In my last network marketing company, I was the number one income earner.

In a few, years, I went from almost losing everything to earning over A MILLION DOLLARS IN COMMISSIONS with over 85% of the entire company in my team (with no spillover)…

…and one of the MAIN ways I built that business was using my blog.

NOW, I am sharing with you what I did and what YOU can do to brand yourself AND build a huge business.

Blogging can do the same thing for you, too!

There is no reason for you to keep wrestling with lead generation when there is a superior method that can get people to come to you versus you having to chase after them!

After you have been in network marketing for longer than a couple of months, certain problems start to emerge – and it really doesn't matter what your personality type is.

These problems are ones that all network marketers face at one point or another, but the majority of us don’t get lasting solutions to them.

This is why there is so much turnover in our industry…but you do NOT have to be another MLM statistic!

As you “grow up” in the industry, you learn that….

  • Not everyone is as excited about your opportunity as you are.
  • Many people you speak to are not well-suited for growing a team of their own.
  • A lot of folks really don’t “believe in network marketing.”
  • Lead generation is a huge challenge that HAS to be overcome if you’re going to grow.
  • If you don’t have a personal brand, you are leaving money on the table.
  • Most of all, people are LOOKING for someone to follow who knows more than they do.

Blogging can help you to leap over ALL of these common issues and really stand out as a leader and an authority in your own right!

So, let’s get down to the matter at hand.

Plain and simple…if you have the time, I have a blogging blueprint that can provide you with the ability to create online riches from your blog.


I hate to talk about myself, but I’ve got to let you in on a little secret: I am not the most technologically-advanced guy in the world.

You won’t find anything in this course about paid advertising, complicated backlinking, or black hat strategies that can get you penalized by Google.

What you will learn is how to build a virtual ARMY of followers, a bulletproof daily action plan to propel you into the limelight in any company you promote, and the most reliable way to “organically” create the income you’ve been trying to create for some time, now.

You get the chance to literally look over my shoulder as I walk you through the process of building a blog that will brands you as a network marketing authority…

…and I’m going to show you exactly how to make money from your blog.

You Ready?

Here’s are the details of what you get.

16 videos Showing YOU EXACTLY What I’ve Done To Get Serious Results. (Everything you need to know about blogging is covered. Nothing is left to your imagination.)

Video-based training that you can watch over my shoulder. (If you’ve ever wanted micro detail in a training, you’ve got it. You’ll have no question what to do.)

The foolproof way to get your blog set up. (Because you need to know the proper way to set up your blog, you will learn a no-fail way to get this done. Proper blogging foundations are critical to success!)

A scare-free training on search engine optimization that even the most technically-challenged person can grasp.(SEO still matters to search engines, and you need not be a genius to give Google, Bing, and Yahoo what they need.)

How to brand YOURSELF instead of your company. (It’s an unfortunate truth, but companies come and go. Regardless of the company, you want people to follow YOUR every move.)

A genius way to act like a social media marketer – but use your blog to do it!(It’s vital to be everywhere that matters to your target audience. When people move across the internet but find you everywhere, it’s easier to make sales.)

How to move beyond branding and become a blogging superstar. (There are a LOT of bloggers, but there are few celebrities…and I can teach you to transform yourself into one of those rare individuals.)

A master class on uncomplicated content creation.(There’s no need to ever again be stumped for ideas on what to blog about. There are nearly endless avenues for content ideas. Let me show you!)

Whether or not the time of day matters for posting content to your blog. (The short answer is that it does. It’s a proven fact that, if you post at the sub-optimal times, you will get WAY less traction for your content.)

The best recipe for ensuring that you ALWAYS provide value for your readers.(With all the ideas we have in our heads at all times, it’s very easy to lose your focus as a blogger but I can show you how to consistently offer immense value to your target audience.)

A trigger phrase that I once used on my site to create an avalanche of income – over six-figures in about a year and a half! (And, no, I don’t mind if you use it. In fact, I am EXCITED for you to use it to produce some amazing results for yourself!)

Exactly how to go about getting more and more traffic to your site.(There’s absolutely no reason to get stuck, here. When you see how simple it is to get traffic, you’re going to be happy dancing all the way to the bank. Anyone, anywhere can drive traffic, once they know how to do it.)

What influencers know about blog post interaction and how to get it for yourself.(This is a closely-guarded secret of many successful bloggers, but the mystery is uncovered for you.)

Why so many blogs fail to make money and how to avoid creating yet another artsy-fartsy website with no conversions. (If you want to make money from blogging, it’s a good thing to have this course in your back pocket. Learn how to avoid pitfalls that can keep you from profiting.)

The most surefire way to hold onto your audience and make sure that they are captivated with your message. (This marketing method is where ALL the real money is made…and if you don’t know how to set it up properly from your blog and then use it to communicate with your audience, you’re leaving cash on the table, every day.)

A personalized action plan tailored specifically for you, YOUR blog, and YOUR audience. (At the end of our time together, I don’t just drop you off and leave you to your own devices. You are guaranteed to know what to do once the course ends. I’ll give you an exclusive roadmap that will support your future success.)

Ninja strategies for making money with your blog. (Whether you are new to blogging or experienced, there are monetization methods for you that are proven to work, time and again!)

We recorded two videos per week, and you get them all, instantly!

Watch each video and then implement the steps that are given to you.

You can move at your own pace.

This training is designed entirely for your benefit.

I know that you can see the value that can come from having such a detailed roadmap for blogging, but I also understand that you don’t want to break the bank learning how to do this.

The average online blogging training, nowadays, costs anywhere from $500 to $897.

And the books that I've come across don’t go into all the detail that is needed to generate both traffic and income.

Bottom line: There’s no way I am charging $897 or even $500.

You will get years of my experience for a mere fraction of what it took for me to learn.

Here’s What Others Had To Say:

No Facet Of Blogging Is Left To Question!



Bonus #1: Four (4) Recorded Q & A Sessions (Retail Value of $497)

  • Watch/listen as I do on-the-spot blog reviews.
  • Gather valuable information that you can use to improve your blog as I give feedback to others.
  • These come in both video and MP3 format, just like in the main course!

Bonus #2: Personal Blog Review (Normally $500 per review!)

  • Get your blog reviewed personally by me. Simply send me your link!
  • I will personally go through your blog as if it were mine. People pay me to go through their sites, but you will get it for free as part of this course!
  • Get emailed suggestions directly from me on what changes to make.

Bonus #3: Personal Post Review (Normally $400 per review!)

  • Send me FOUR of your blog posts.
  • I will personally review them and make suggestions for improvement, if needed.
  • This is as close to me writing your articles for you as you can get, and it’s part of this course for no, additional charge!

Total Value of $1,894

“Ray, the Make Money Blogging training was exceptional! Before your training I had done a lot of post but was getting no traction. Your training helped me create better content, write better title copy, learn how to promote it, how to utilize better call to actions, how to use keywords and how to stay congruent by providing relevant value to my target market. The tweaks that I learned I needed to make did not seem like a big deal, but after implementing what you suggested, it all came together. Now my blog looks amazing, generates leads (my list has grown from 1,000 to 8,000), has shown me as a credible resource and now I have sales from my blog post being made consistently! THANK YOU RAY!”
- Bonnie Cribbs

We both know that people spend tens of thousands of dollars on college educations and often don’t work in the field they majored in.

Blogging for a living allows you to stop trading lots of time for a few dollars.

If you want a career that can be designed around your life, and if you want to have job satisfaction that only increases year after year, click below to order now.

There is no need to keep experiencing all the frustrations that are so common to network marketers around the world.

You can be one of the ones who has undeniable proof that blogging can create wealth and unlimited leads for network marketers.

If you are ready for some results that put all your previous efforts to shame, go on and click below to order now.


P.S. If you are still not completely sure about how good “Make Money Blogging” is, check out these two case studies from people who started out having trouble gaining traction with their blogs.


Bonnie Cribbs
Magazine Agency VP learns personal branding
and discovers a whole, new life!

Background: Financially, Bonnie Cribbs was doing just fine. He had been VP of a magazine agency and had tried network marketing, previously.

Unfortunately, Bonnie did not understand personal branding. What he tended to do, instead, was brand whatever company he was promoting.

In 2013, Bonnie found Ray’s online through a webinar that was teaching personal branding. Listening to Ray, Bonnie knew that was being discussed was just what he needed to get to the next level in his network marketing business.

Immediately after attending that webinar, he joined Ray’s Top Earner’s Academy and began to take very seriously the training he was getting. “It was easy to listen to Ray because Ray speaks to the greatness inside of people and brings that greatness out of them. He just naturally connects with leaders and other people who are willing to play big and take their businesses seriously. I bought the “Make Money Blogging” product after “Top Earner’s Academy.”

Problem: Though Bonnie was successful in his professional life and already had a blog, he was new to network marketing. His website was rough-looking, and his content was all over the map. He did not know how to address his target audience, at all.

Results: As a result of going through the “Make Money Blogging” course, a number of things happened for Bonnie relatively quickly.

He learned how to directly address his avatar. The content on his blog became more focused on network marketing, business building, and Bonnie’s personal brand.

Additionally, business turned around, and he went full-time as a network marketer in 3-4 months.

His blog that was the primary place where he had a platform to speak to a lot of people, and he was able to grow his Facebook following to over 10,000 fans.

Bonnie credits “Make Money Blogging” as being a coming-of-age product for him.

Bottom Line: “This training showed me how to come across as a leader and be a professional instead of a brand new network marketer who’d had success in another, unrelated industry. I learned how to become congruent with who I was and who I wanted to be.”

Today, Bonnie’s blog is the hub for his entire business. It’s the primary place from which his email list is grown, and he regularly refers new teammates to “Make Money Blogging” to this very day.

Richard Matharoo
Struggling network marketer finally gets the help he needs
from a leader who seemed like he was “a real, everyday guy.”

Background: Richard was not in a very good place, financially. He was $70K in debt, and had been in three network marketing companies. While he liked the concept of network marketing, he could not get the model to work for him. He spent a lot of time scouring the internet for resources to help him.

Richard was the traditional person who was new to home based business. He knew that he was in need of help and found Ray Higdon’s blog in the midst of his search for a mentor.

Problem: Richard was broke. There’s no way around that. He could not afford coaching, so he got Ray’s training on blogging. All Richard knew was that he needed relief from his desperate financial situation, and he was willing to do what it took to succeed at network marketing.

Additionally, Richard had not had a father when he was growing up, but he had become a father, himself, as an adult. His driving motivation was that he did not want his daughter to grow up not knowing her father.

Results: Richard was able to go full-time in his business in five months.

Once he made the decision to build his entire business via his blog, he got access to Ray’s “Make Money Blogging” product. Since learning the proper way to blog, Richard has always qualified for every incentive in every company he has joined.

He regularly refers his own team members to Ray’s blogging product because he knows that, if they apply the knowledge in the course, they will get the results they are desiring.

Bottom Line: Richard now enjoys his life and his business. He is not broke anymore, and he has been able to learn how to be consistently productive as a network marketer.

You’re About To Become A Master Of Lead Generation And Blogging

Maybe you didn’t know it, but you can try “Make Money Blogging” risk-free. It’s no problem, at all. Just let me know within 30 days of purchasing, and I will refund you everything that you have paid to that point, whether it’s on the installment plan or if you paid in full.

I’m incredibly excited for you and ready to see you crush it in online lead generation. You’re one click away from becoming an income-creating and lead generation expert.

Click below to sign up for “Make Money Blogging,” now.