Movie Star Marketer - Look Amazing in Your Marketing Videos

Seth Hymes

Everyone knows that video converts. But not everyone knows how easy and inexpensive it can be to get high quality, high converting video.

I’m not talking about screen capture videos or animated videos that can be outsourced. The most powerful tool for your business is actually YOU.

Did you know? A High Quality Video of YOU is the most powerful way to boost conversions.

That’s why the biggest marketers spend big money on professional videographers, to shoot great looking video that inspires trust and authority. But most marketers get stuck with lousy video that often does more harm than good.

Tired of Feeling Helpless to Get the Powerful Video Your Business Deserves? 

Videographers are expensive, and shooting video yourself can be frustrating, overwhelming, and confusing. Until now.

Learn My Simple Method to SKYROCKET YOUR PERCEIVED VALUE & Completely Transform Your Image

I Get Paid $500-$1,000 a Day to Shoot Videos Like These, But I’ve Shown Dozens of Regular People with No Experience How to Do the Same!

  • Learn to Shoot $1,000 a Day, Authority Boosting Video with a Consumer Level Camera and a Setup That Costs Less Than an iPad
  • Learn to do this Without Any Lights or An Annoying Clunky Backdrop
  • Learn to Use the “Blur” Effect to Turn Even Your Messy Living Room into a Gorgeous Background
  • Spend an Hour Learning this Technique—Shoot High Quality Video for the Rest of Your Life

Without getting too technical, the video quality of the average DSLR Camera sold at Best Buy is ASTOUNDING. These cameras are EVERYWHERE. If you don’t already own one, I am sure a friend or family member does. If you can follow step by step instructions you can learn how to make STELLAR looking video of yourself using this simple, powerful tool. What about lighting? Every video you have seen above was shot with either NO additional lighting, or a couple of small lights. I do teach you how to use lights, but I’m not talking about jamming your living room full of lights and cables. With just one or two small, east to manage lights, the right camera lens, and knowledge, you can be shooting jaw dropping video any time you want.


Start Getting the Video You and Your Business Deserve Today!