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80/20 Productivity Express—$500K

Product Description

Double Your Productivity and Your Business This Year!
For most entrepreneurs, there are three kinds of tasks:

  • $10 per Hour Work
  • $100 per Hour Work
  • $1000 per Hour Work

The fastest way to increase your income is to do more $1000 per hour work … dumping the $10 per hour jobs and $100 per hour jobs.

If you were somehow able to manage to get rid of all your “$10 per hour” tasks and only do “$100 per hour” tasks all year, 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, you’d earn $200,000 in 2013.

And if you shifted just 5% of that time to $1000 per hour work, you’d make $290,000. A 5% change boosts you by almost 50%. Because tiny hinges swing big doors.

Using the techniques in 80/20 Productivity Express, you will instantly shave 1-2 hours of wasted time off of your day, every day.

It will laser-focus your personal development, your skills, and your team-building efforts for maximum traction …

… So you can identify and spend MORE time on the $1000 per hour work.

Who Is This For?

80/20 Productivity Express is for those who are trying to crack the $500,000 per year income ceiling.

If your income is less than $100,000 this is absolutely essential.

These are the rudiments of transforming yourself from wage-slave to executive. Equally applicable whether you’re self employed or employed by others.

The information comes with 6 live webinars and a 2-hour a self-evaluation process that you’ll download immediately after ordering. Also a 30 minute 1-on-1 CEO strategy consult with John Paul Mendocha, via telephone.

Streaming videos, MP3s and transcripts are all posted in the members area. All sessions will be recorded and transcribed.


  • The same truths, principles and insights that I’ve applied to grow my own business over 1000% since 2008.
  • The same secrets and “black box” tools I’ve applied to literally hundreds of clients’ businesses to identify double-digit growth opportunities … often in just minutes.
  • The same “Xray Vision” techniques my students have used, on their own without my help, to transform their business and their lives.
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