Become A Media Star By Pitching With Video

Public Relations:Become A Media Star By Pitching With Video

Product Description

You can become the media’s go-to person for your industry. Getting on major local, national and international TV news programs no longer has to be a dream for you and your organization. It can happen now.

You will learn half a dozen very specific techniques on how to get more mainstream media coverage through the strategic use of simple, talking-head YouTube videos. You can increase your odds of getting on NBC, Fox News Channel, ABC and quoted in the New York Times by creating YouTube videos with PR hooks. These techniques are not expensive and can be done in less time than many bloggers spend creating posts.

What Are The Requirements?

  • Video Recording Device on Cell Phone, Tablet or Computer

Who Are The Target Audience?

  • Anyone Aspiring To Be A Media Specialist
  • Journalists
  • PR Practitioners
  • Communications Professionals
  • Public Speaking Trainers

The Topics Covered In This Course:

  • Section 1: You Can Get Massive Amounts of TV Airtime, without a Big PR Firm
  • Section 2: The Uses of Youtube Video to Generate PR
  • Section 3: Conclusion
  • Section 4: Bonus Reading

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