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Have you ever noticed… ?

• Turn on the TV…

• Pick up any magazine…

• Spend a few minutes on Twitter…

• And it’s clear: people pay ridiculous amounts of attention to celebrities.

• I’m going to show you how to hijack that attention & use it to grow your business.

Just imagine…

• Gaining massive brand exposure…

• Turning lukewarm fans into buyers – all clamoring to get their hands on YOUR products…

• Getting extensive – and free – publicity from a media culture that’s constantly looking for new trends and styles…

• It’s possible to achieve all this – and more.

• To gain entry into a world few people will ever see…

• A world of fame, fortune and fashion…

• A world that has been off limits to anyone who doesn’t know the code…

Until Now.

Inside the Celebrity life…

Celebs live in a different world than us. They’re walled off by armies of assistants, agents and handlers. The idea of seeing them in public with your products seems laughable.

One of the Best-Kept Secrets…

But the truth is that there is a way to your products into their hands. When you do, you will have discovered one of the most effective ways to generate both:

• Greater brand recognition

• More sales

Two Decades of Experience…

• I’ve spent almost two decades running my own handbag lines • And coaching hundreds of women to build their own fashion businesses. • You’re about to learn my entire system for generating huge exposure by getting your products into the hands of celebrities.

What You’ll Learn…

1. How to choose the right celebrity to represent your brand.

2. How to find these celebrities.

3. How to contact their Gatekeepers.

4. Exactly what to say – and what to offer –in order to get past these Gatekeepers.

5. How to finally get your products into the hands of some of the most famous women on earth.

6. How to promote your newfound fame to the media, the public & your customers.

7. And how to explode your growth through multiple celebrity placements.

Celebrity Confidential is an 6 Module training program delivered in video format. Watch Sarah Shaw as she shows you everything you need to know.

The Modules are divided as follows:

Module 1: Introduction and Getting Started
Module 2: Finding Your Ideal Customer
Module 3: Contacting The Celebrity
Module 4: Picking The Perfect Gift
Module 5: Capitalize On Your Celebrity Status
Module 6: Going Viral With Multiple Celebrities


You will also have accesses to the following bonuses:

• 100 hot celebrity xls doc
• Interview with Jordan McCauley
• Interview with Bonnie Marcus
• Celebrity Email Template

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