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This product is an eBook that shows people how they can set-up their very own Money Making Blog, completely Free e.g. No web hosting, No domain registration etc. and gives people a point of contact and a presence online that they be the very start of an their own Online Business. It guides them step-by-step throughout the whole process to eventually having their own Blog, complete with affiliate links/banners (MOBE), sign-up form for list building, autoresponder set-up, were to get Free Blog content and much more.

Topics Included In This Course Are:

Most people see websites and blog’s with links and fancy
headlines, then think “I’ll never be able to do that!” Believe me,
I’ve been there too. The thing is, most people are greedy, make it
seem way over complicated with the language they use and
basically just want to keep it to themselves, which is where I step
in. I want to show people that anybody can do this, not just the so
called experts.

So here goes, let’s get stuck in …

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