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Global Macro Investing

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This course is an introduction to one of the most lucrative and robust investing strategies—global macro. You will begin by learning the history of global macro with an introduction to the billionaires who use this strategy to score huge profits year after year. You’ll also learn why global macro is so successful and why it will continue to work in perpetuity.

Next we’ll jump into the nitty gritty of the analysis involved with global macro. We’ll cover the Marcus Trifecta, an analytical framework designed to find the biggest trends in the market. The trifecta includes fundamental, technical, and sentiment analysis. No other investing or trading strategy combines and utilizes all of these types of analysis.

The course will take around 2 hours to complete and is comprised of slides and charting software with engaging narration on top.

A Full Table of Contents:

Section 1: The Strategy That Minted Billionaires
  • Lecture 1: Jesse Livermore—The Father Of Macro
  • Lecture 2: George Soros—The Palindrome
  • Lecture 3: Paul Tudor Jones—The Rockstar
  • Lecture 4: Ray Dalio—The Most Successful Hedge Fund Manager of All Time
Section 2: The Advantages of Global Macro
  • Lecture 5: Scalability—Global Macro Has No Limits
  • Lecture 6: Resilience—Trial By Fire
Section 3: Global Macro Philosophy
  • Lecture 7: Bruce Lee Style Trading—The Form That Is No Form
  • Lecture 8: Diworseification—Concentration and Leverage Are Your Friends
  • Lecture 9: Macro Mindset—Exploiting Big Themes for Huge Gains
  • Lecture 10: Trade It Don’t Date It—Cut the Losers
  • Lecture 11: The Marcus Trifecta—A Global Macro Analytical Framework
Section 4: Intro to Global Macro Fundamental Analysis
  • Lecture 12: The Folly of Traditional Economics
  • Lecture 13: The Transactions Model—A Superior Approach
  • Lecture 14: The Single Most Important Macro Fundamental—Liquidity
  • Lecture 15: Central Banks—Liquidity Controllers

Plus 4 More Sections!

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