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My Email Marketing Empire is an 8 Module training program delivered in video format. Watch Matt Lloyd as he shows you everything you need to know about monetizing an email list.

The Modules are divided as follows:

Module 1: Laying The Foundations
  1. What is Email Marketing?
  2. Choosing a Market
  3. Getting Set Up: How to set up your web sites, your Email Auto-Responders, your first campaign and your first list.
  4. Building Your List
Module 2: Finding Offers To Promote To Your List
  1. Follow-Up Emails vs. Broadcast Emails
  2. How to survey your list
  3. Overview of Affiliate Marketing
  4. Where to find offers you can promote
Module 3: Email Marketing Metrics – How To Make More Money For Each Email
  1. The 4 main metrics of Email Marketing
  2. The 80/20 Principle in Email Marketing
  3. How to reduce your Unsubscribe rate
  4. How to do split testing
Module 4: Writing Emails That Sell
  1. The general principles of copy writing
  2. The 6 Psychological Triggers of Influence
  3. Developing your own Swipe File
  4. 7 Elements Of Emails That Sell
Module 5: Segmenting Your List For Increased Profits
  1. What is Segmentation
  2. The “Rack the Shotgun” concept
  3. The different types of Segmentation
  4. Plus a live demonstration – How to segment your lists
Module 6: Big Paydays With Promoting Launches
  1. Product launches: What are they and why do they tend to work so well in this business?
  2. How to boost your sales by creating your own bonuses.
  3. Why individual follow-up is important
Module 7: Big Paydays With Promoting Webinars
  1. Why are Webinars so effective when using them along side
  2. Setting up your first webinar
  3. How to promote your webinar with email marketing
Module 8: The Holistic Approach To Email Marketing
  1. Learn about “The Holistic Approach”
  2. What is “Selling the Click.”
  3. Examining additional communication channels that you can use in your Email Marketing.


You will also have accesses to the following bonuses:

  • $1.5 Million Launch Case Study eBook
  • 256 Words To Avoid At All Costs eBook
  • Email Marketing Bootcamp Webinar Replay



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