MOBE Natural Selling

Product Description

In this 10 Module video training program you will discover how to build your business faster… without fear, anxiety or objections and rejection!

You will find out:

  • Why presenting what you think are the benefits of your solution, or telling your story (when you first talk with someone), hardly ever works, and almost always results in rejection and objections…
  • Why using conventional selling techniques like objection handling and closing, rapidly increases the rejection and objection rate… and your fear of talking with people.
  • Why using techniques is hard work, adversarial and causes high attrition in your downline and customer base.

You will also learn…

  • How “Asking the right types of questions at the right time” will make the difference between success and failure. (Note: These are not manipulative questions!)
  • Why knowing how to listen and respond to what they say and mean, always works.
  • How “The Magic and Power of Dialogue” completely eliminates rejection, objections, and… your own reluctance to talk with people.
  • How you can have a practical, proven, effective and comfortable way of talking with anyone, anywhere, anytime… Guaranteed!
  • How to have people automatically listen to you.
  • Why allowing people to naturally persuade themselves to look at your products or business opportunity is more effective than trying to persuade them yourself!
  • How to sell more products, grow your business, retain your customers and partners and to do it all with effortless ease.

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