Presentation Skills: You Can Give A Persuasive Speech – TJ Walker

Presentation Skills: You Can Give A Persuasive Speech

Product Description

Imagine that every time you speak, your audience not only understands you, but is persuaded by your arguments and ideas. Wouldn’t it be great to know that when you speak, people will be convinced of the vision you have?

In this How to Give a Persuasive Speech course you will learn the following:

  • How to be more persuasive in every presentation.
  • How to avoid the most common blunders that destroy a speaker’s ability to persuade.
  • How to connect with your audience at an emotional level and not just an intellectual level.
  • How to be a great speaker.

What Are The Requirements?

  • Students will need to record themselves speaking using a cellphone camera or webcam.

Who Are The Target Audience?

  • This course is for anyone who has to give presentations.

The Topics Covered In This Course:

  • Section 1: Be Persuasive in Every Presentation You Deliver
  • Section 2: Practice the Most Efficient and Effective Way Possible
  • Section 3: You Will Be a Persuasive Speaker throughout Your Career
  • Section 4: Bonus Reading

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