Social Media Marketing Strategies For Entrepreneurship – Matt Bernstein

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Entrepreneurship

Product Description

Enroll in the latest social media course with UNLIMITED & LIFETIME access you will learn how to drive sales, attract new customers and master social media (the right way).

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Periscope, Blab, and Google+ all have thousands of customers waiting for you.

The objective is to be everywhere. Create a unified front and gain followers across all social media channels.

What Does This Course Give You?

  • Introduction to Social Media.
  • Social Media Strategy.
  • Best Practices.
  • Social Media Automation.

The Key Is To Create A Brand That Is Consistent Across All Channels.

What Are The Requirements?

  • Setup Business accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • Create a Logo, Cover Image, and Build Consistency across all social media.

Who Are the Target Audience?

  • Students with 1,000 or less followers.
  • Students who want to start building a social media following
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