SOS Stop Overcomplicating Success

Lesson 1


Is an introduction to the 12 Week Year. In this lesson Brian P. Moran discusses how the ultimate success driver is execution and how the 12 Week Year enables more effective execution. He will outline a set of Disciplines and Principles that when applied through the 12 Week Year will accelerate your success.In

Lesson 2


Brian will walk you through the importance of vision and help you create a compelling long-term aspirational vision and a 3-year vision that powerfully align and provide the internal drive to overcome any hurdles that may get in your way.In

Lesson 3


Brian will show you how to set your 12 week goals and create a focused plan that is structured for implementation. You will learn how to identify the critical few actions and create plan tactics that execute.In

Lesson 4

Weekly Routine & Process Control. A vision and a plan is not enough. In this lesson you will learn how to apply 3 simple steps each week that will virtually ensure that you execute and achieve your goals. These simple steps will form the backbone of a high performance routine that will have you executing like a pro

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