The Funnel Easy Method – Andrea Goodsaid

The Funnel Easy Method

Product Description

Simple clear direction for creating your own marketing funnel so you can promote other people’s products.

In this course you will learn the following:

  • Module 1:

Create a Quick & Easy Lead Magnet

In its simplest version: a “lead magnet” is a thing that you give away in trade for a new subscriber’s name and email. Trouble is what to give away confounds most people and can be a real stuck point. Often delaying forward progress. In this module, we solve that problem by creating a quick & easy lead magnet in a format that converts leads easily.

  • Module 2:

Acing Your Op-tin Form

In this module we clear up all confusion regarding what an autoresponder is, how to build a list with it (with or without a website) and how to connect it to your opt-in pages quickly and easily (even if you’re not the least bit tech savvy).

  • Module 3:

Simple Funnel in an Afternoon

Step by step video walks you through how to create a mini-branded, personalized, easy to say yes to opt-in funnel using a professional WordPress plugin (provided) or the industry-wide and highly acclaimed platform, Clickfunnels.

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