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Your First 3 Months On Adwords

Product Description

You don’t need to be an expert.

There are thousands of blogs, books, webinars and podcasts that aim to teach you every little thing about Adwords. In most cases, the level of detail is totally unnecessary. All you want to do is get your campaign going and get on with your life. I want to share the essentials with you so you can start getting results immediately. In under three hours, this book will give you a concrete approach to follow. You can stop wasting time and money and take control of your Adwords campaign.

People are searching for your business right now.

They just can’t find you. It’s all about targeting the right customers the right way. This book will help you work out how people are searching for your business. With this knowledge, you can build a simple approach that lowers your cost per click and targets the right customers. This approach is totally scalable across all business types and sizes, whatever the budget. This information is based on my direct experience so I know it works.

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