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Real estate has created more millionaires in the U.S. than any other industry in history, and every wealthy person I know invests in real estate in some way. It’s one of the best ways to create passive cash flow and grow your net worth.

At this special 3-day event, you will learn how to invest in real estate the RIGHT way, which property types to avoid, and how to create passive income without using your own capital (this is one of the best-kept secrets of the ultra-wealthy.)

You’ll learn things like:

The Magic of Tax Lien Certificates

Did you know that Tax Lien Certificates are guaranteed by the U.S. government to give you fixed rates of return of 16% to 36%? That’s right … Tax Lien Certificates are one of the most stable and predictable real estate investing methods around, and you can roll returns into your self-directed IRA to build a tax-deferred “nest egg.”

Little Known “LLC Hacks”

There are more “wrong” ways to setup LLCs for your real estate deals than there are “right” ways. You’ll learn how to setup your LLC the right way to save money on your taxes, protect your assets, and “audit-proof” yourself (without expensive lawyers.)

“No Money Down” Strategies

There are dozens of ways to create wealth (and passive cash flow) through real estate WITHOUT using any of your savings (or risking your credit). Even if you have money, you’d be surprised at how fast you can pour your liquid cash reserves into real estate. At the REI Summit, you’ll learn how to do your first few deals using OPM (Other People’s Money) before you spend a single dime of your own money.

Making Millions With Apartment Buildings

People are intimidated by commercial deals, but commercial can be just as easy as residential (with muchbigger profits!) You’ll learn how to build wealth through passive cash flow from apartment buildings and other commercial properties. (PLUS… creative funding solutions so you don’t have to use your money!)

How To Get All The Money You’ll Ever Need

There are entire courses devoted to the subject of “finding private lenders” and we’ll explore this topic in-depth at the REI Summit. You’ll learn how to find private lenders, and how to get them to fund all your deals (and thank you for it!)

How To Make 12% Interest Without Lifting A Finger

In addition to showing you how to find private money, we’ll teach how to become a private lender and make 10-12% returns without lifting a finger. You’ll learn the “warning signs” to look out for when you’re lending, and how to secure your investment by having the right agreement in place.

The Truth About Wholesaling

Wholesaling is the first real estate investing strategy taught to “newbies.” And while wholesaling is NOT a good method for building long-term wealth, it is a good exit strategy for certain deals.You’ll learn the truth about wholesaling, including common barriers that most “gurus” don’t talk about, and how to incorporate wholesaling into your overall investing strategy.

Rehabbing Houses for Big Profits

Fixing up houses and reselling them can be extremely lucrative if you know what you’re doing. Average profits range from $20,000 to $60,000 (or more) per deal and they can be a great source of cash that you can put into other investments. At the REI Summit, you’ll learn how to setup “systems” to outsource most of the work (including repairs), so you can benefit from the cash without having to do all the work.

[ADVANCED] Alternative Real Estate Investing Methods

There’s a lot more to real estate than what you see on TV. At the REI Summit, you’ll learn several “niche” strategies like mobile homes, land, subject-to, student housing, vacation rentals and HUDs. There is a lot less competition in these niches and they can be VERY profitable.

Note:  Keep in mind that event content is subject to change.  It’s not uncommon for a speaker to discover an amazing technique in the weeks before an event and put that ahead of their previously planned content.


The Real Estate Investing Summit is part of the The Platinum Mastery Series which in included for all Platinum Partners, but can also be purchased as a stand alone event for those only interested in the Real Estate Investing portion of the training.

All MOBE events are held at luxurious resorts around the world, allowing you to learn and network in an  environment of unparalleled luxury and beauty.

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