Josh Withrow

My name is Josh Withrow, and It is my passion to see creativity shape the minds and joys of my students. I use my 13 years of classroom experience and my Master's degree in English Literature to guide students to be more creative and better equipped to engage other people with fresh ideas. I strive to present my classes in a way that is both creative and informative. Students don't need a degree to enjoy learning -- but sometimes a little guidance goes a long way.

7 Leadership Skills to Ignite Creativity and Motivate Others

Product Description

What is a good leader?

How do I develop great leadership qualities?

How do I inspire my employees to be more creative?

If you have every asked yourself these questions, then you are in the right place!

In this class you will get 7 practical skills to building a more creative environment. Whether you are the leader of 1 or 1000, these practical steps will give you the framework for a more productive and harmonious work space.

In this class you'll understand:

It doesn't take a creative genius to lead people to creativity--it just takes a willingness to support your team in success.

Sometimes we expect leaders to be the most knowledgeable or most innovative people in the room; in actuality, a good leader is one that effectively creates an environment that allows employees or other team members to thrive. In essence, leaders are responsible for leading his or her team members into success.

While there are any number of statistical reports, brain analyses, and business practices, I will bring you my leadership experience from one of the most unexpected places: the middle school classroom. Trust me, if I can get a room full of 12-13 year olds to be excited about learning, then I can help you!

By the end of this course, I'm confident that you will have a clearer vision of how to lead your group towards creativity productivity.


What are the requirements?

  • Must have a desire to see your team succeed

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 20 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • Create an environment that is conducive to creativity
  • Lead others with confidence in the creative process
  • Know how to create a more unified and supportive team

What is the target audience?

  • Leaders of 1 or 1000


Section 1 - Introduction

  • Lecture 1: Meet the Teacher & Structure of the Course

Section 2 - Leadership & Creativity

  • Lecture 2: Defining Creativity
  • Lecture 3: What Causes Creativity?

Section 3 - Explaining the 7 Skills

  • Lecture 4: Skill 1: Building an Atmosphere for Creative Freedom
  • Lecture 5: Personal Tip About Atmosphere
  • Lecture 6: Skill 2: Using Space for Creative Freedom
  • Lecture 7: Personal Tip About Space
  • Lecture 8: Skill 3: Establishing Safety for Creative Freedom
  • Lecture 9: Personal Tip About Safety
  • Lecture 10: Take a Creativity Quiz
  • Lecture 11: Skill 4: Understanding Vision for Creative Freedom
  • Lecture 12: Personal Tip About Vision
  • Lecture 13: Skill 5: Learning Empowerment for Creative Freedom
  • Lecture 14: Personal Tip About Empowerment
  • Lecture 15: Skill 6: Utilizing Cooperation for Creative Freedom
  • Lecture 16: Personal Tip About Cooperation
  • Lecture 17: Skill 7: Learning Celebration for Creative Freedom
  • Lecture 18: Personal Tip About Celebration
  • Section 4 - Final Words
  • Lecture 19: Thank You
  • Lecture 20: Wrap-Up
7 Leadership Skills


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