Russ Allred

Mr. Allred is the co-author of three published books on business development: Ten-Minute Retreats for Business Owners, The Family Business, and Best Practices of High-Performance Entrepreneurs.  He is the co-creator of the Hot 100 Business Development process that is increasing gross revenue and job growth in four states.  He is the grant administrator and underwriter for a network of Sunbelt Business Brokers to SBDCs in the US and Community Futures in Canada.  His mission is to help 50,000 business owners to increase gross revenue by $1 million each in preparation for succession or sale.  Several clients have been honored as the fastest growing businesses in North America in Inc and Entrepreneur Magazines. Russ was rookie of the year and a top performer at NAI Capital Commercial Real Estate for five years.  Mr. Allred is adjunct faculty at Cal State Bakersfield and the University of Lavern, where he teaches marketing and strategic management.  He is a regular contributor to the Bakersfield Californian Money section.  His articles have been reprinted by the Wall Street Journal, Dallas Globe, Times of India and publications around the world.  He is a professional speaker and has spoken to thousands of business owners across North America.

Best Practices of High Performance Entrepreneurs

Product Description

Following a business expert is often like making a sandwich, when the instructor only describes one ingredient like lettuce or pickles.  To make the sandwich, you need a list of all the ingredients and any special instructions.  You can’t build a business on social media alone.  Best Practices of High-Performance Entrepreneurs is a list of the activities that highly successful businesses perfect as they grow.  Each item offers specific instructions in the following disciplines:

Ownership - what business owners should be working on as they delegate daily functions to managers.

Management - policies and practices to guide hired managers and protect the owners from incompetence and dishonesty.

Marketing - growing a business requires more than selling.  Management must project and plan for expansion using sound marketing principles.

Accounting - numbers are essential management tools.  Management needs these principles to oversee, understand and use financial reports.

Production – beyond the human resource rules required by the government, this section describes how to get the most productivity from your people.

Protection – making money is only part of a successful business.  Owners need to generate equity by protecting what they make.  Protection practices are all about keeping the wealth you earn.

The Next Phase – While only a few businesses advance to be publicly traded, owners should understand and aspire to the consummate business success.  These practices push management to ever higher results.

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