Raena Lynn

Raena Lynn is a MOBE Traffic Coach and has coached over 2500 MOBE Affiliates. She is a full-time internet marketer and entrepreneur. Her expertise includes solo ads, advertising, and sales funnels. She is a Diamond level MOBE Licensee and her background as a professional teacher combined with marketing has given her the to ability to train beginners using a unique, foundational method. Raena Lynn created her first product last year for beginning marketers but has extended her efforts to a newly revised course catered specifically to MOBE Beginner Affiliates who need a place to start. She believes there is a gap between the beginner stages and intermediate stages for all methods of lead generation.


  • Lifetime access to 3 video training modules
  • BONUS: Newbie Golden Nuggets

Don't Have A Coach-MTTB for Dummies

Product Description

Do you feel like a dummy? You don't need to! This course is specifically designed for MOBE Beginner Affiliates to promote MTTB. Learn how to set up a basic direct funnel and intermediate funnel using step by step video tutorials so you can promote MTTB and get started on the right track by using any lead generation method.

Top three reasons to get this course:

  • Get rid of the feeling of information overload, overwhelm and confusion.
  • It's the easiest way to get your MOBE business up and running quickly.
  • Learn how to set up 3 basic funnels you need to generate quality traffic and grow your online business.

What's Inside

  • Lifetime access to 3 video training modules
  • BONUS: Module 4 Newbie Golden Nuggets
Module 1:
  1. Direct 3 Way Funnel
  2. Solo Ad Basics
  3. Preparation
  4. Basic Tracking Using Has Offers
  5. Copy/Paste Solo Ad
  6. Solo Ad Providers
  7. Pre Basic Skills Setting Up Tutorial How To Clear Cookie In Your Mozilla Firefox Browser How To Clear Cookies In Your Google Chrome Browser How To Find Notepad in Windows 7 How To Find Notepad in Windows 8 How To Create A Folder In Documents On Your Hard Drive Basic IM Skill #1 Browser Basics Basic IM Skill #2 Copy and Paste Basic IM Skill #3 Introduction to Notepad
Module 2:
  1. Indirect 3 Way Funnel
  2. Autoresponder Introduction
  3. Step by Step Setting Up Your Autoresponder
  4. Create Your First Squeeze Page
  5. Putting it all together
  6. DFYE Broadcasting
Module 3:
  1. Indirect 4 Way Funnel
  2. A/R Setup
  3. Follow-Up, PDF Prep
  4. Thank You Page
  5. Squeeze Page, Solo Ad
  6. Branding Page
  7. PDF Storage
Module 4: Basic Skills Newbie Golden Nuggets

5 Short Bonus Videos on Basic Skills:

  1. A Cool Tool to stay organized.
  2. What is a blog?
  3. What is a Widget?
  4. Zipping A File ... and more to come.
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Excellent Training Program!!!!!  As a newbie to Internet Marketing and MOBE, this program is a must! The tutorials are all well made and easy to follow along. There are even detailed explanations of each step, in the event that one of the videos are unable to play, which I did encounter one time (due to my computer)…Raena is a wonderful coach and it shows in the program that she designed. I was able to go step by step to set-up the funnels and really get a good grasp on how each funnel works. I definitely received a lot of information and training for the small price tag!!! If you are definitely a newbie to MOBE or just Internet Marketing in general and you need guidance, this is the program to get!!! Thank you Reana for an excellent program!!

- Stacey Maull