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eSoftSkills is an elearning startup specializing in creating quality training courses on a wide variety of soft skills in collaboration with a team of subject matter experts. Our courses are designed in such a way as to provide you with the maximum amount of valuable information in the shortest time possible, saving you both time & money. All courses come with additional resources such as action plans, activities and worksheets.

eSoftSkills was founded by Adam Kharchoufa who is a certified work psychologist and a qualified compliance officer. He has 10 years experience training and coaching employees in some of the largest global financial institutions in the world. Maria Nenartovic is a Maths professor and elearning specialist. eSoftSkills mission is to deliver maximum learning value to students interested in improving or acquiring key soft skills such as communication, leadership, management, entrepreneurship, productivity, emotional intelligence and much more.

How To Improve Communication Skills

Product Description

This Communication Skills Training Course will help you develop confidence for effective communication.

Who is this Communication Skills Training Course for?

The Communication Skills course is for anyone who wants to have greater confidence and power in their ability to communicate with other people.

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Very powerful course, I learned loads! Hopefully I'll be able to carry it to my workplace.

- Helen Percival

Well structured and comprehensive.

- Sofia K.