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I am the owner of the Napanee Marketing Group, based in Napanee Ontario. We specialize in building powerful and unique websites, tailor made to meet your very specific businesses goals and target audience. I have the versatility, experience and flexibility your project needs. We've been building web sites and developing marketing strategies for local businesses since 1999. We develop WORLD CLASS web sites. HERE'S WHY:

  • My fine art background and sense of aesthetics (all site are unique we don't resell cheap templates, all layouts are unique)
  • Our thorough knowledge of the mechanics of web site development and mobile site design
  • My extensive knowledge of human psychology and marketing
  • Our ridiculously awesome programming team
  • Our extensive knowledge of SEO and offline and online traffic generation

We have experience providing Internet marketing solutions in a wide variety of markets.

How To Plan A Website That Attracts Profit

Product Description

How to save yourself months of frustration and save yourself $1,000s of dollars!

Why am I in any position to teach you this? I've been planning and building profit focused web sites for my clients for over 15 years. I am a web designer by trade. Most of my business comes from referrals... I really don't pound the pavement or do cold calling at all… Happy customers and referral partners just keep sending me more people. I think that says a lot about the way my customers appreciate the knowledge I bring to the web design and marketing process. As of April 20th,2015 this course INCLUDES the 159-page companion PDF e-book for e-readers and kindles.

So what are we going to cover?

Listen: there are three really BIG obstacles between you and the completion of a profitable web site for your business.

1) Correct customer targeting 2) Thoughtful and complete web site planning 3) and Selection of an ideal web site designer.

So lets go through those one at a time….

Correct Customer Targeting: Without knowing how to do proper customer targeting, marketing your business is going to be nearly impossible. It will feel like selling ice to Eskimos. Our course teaches you what you need to know.

Thoughtful and complete web site planning: What content should you have on your web site? What should my focus be? Almost every new customers I get wants to throw spaghetti at the wall. You know -- the "let's throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" approach. They want to include every possible message for every possible prospect. That's exhausting and it doesn't work. So what pages should you include? What about blogging? Who has time for that? What do I have to do to turn visitors into customers?

Finding the right web designer: This will make a HUGE difference in the end product. Learn to select a marketing focused web designer who will...

  • pay for themselves
  • act in a respectful and responsive way
  • work well with you and your people
  • bring you new, targeted clients

A web design company might pitch their services to hundreds of companies in the course of a year. They are well-practiced and know exactly how to put their best foot forward. What about you? How many web design companies have you met with and evaluated? One? Two? None?

I REVEAL the essential planning and groundwork you should have completed BEFORE you start evaluating web designers so the TAIL IS NOT WAGGING THE DOG. You should be running the show not your web site company.

New web sites are being constructed ever moment of every day.

Focused profitable web sites are rare. This is because they require very specific thinking to be created. Will yours be one of them?

---In this course you will learn to...

  • Plan your web site with profit focus
  • Identify your web sites primary goals
  • Make sure your marketing message is grounded in reality
  • Plan the structure of your site
  • Develop a professional RFP (request for proposal) WE INCLUDE A COMPLETE SAMPLE
  • Interview web designers effectively without forgetting a single detail so they can be held to their promises
  • Make sure you get EXACTLY what you want instead of being steered into a high margin, off the rack or cookie-cutter product
  • Understand how the quality of your current product or service offer effects the difficulty of marketing a product
  • Select a really great domain name
  • Be able to define the ideal audience segments to target in your market
  • Plan their web site building project with the end in mind
  • Understand everything about targeting an ideal (profitable) audience with your marketing plan
  • Understand the vocabulary of web design and Internet Marketing
  • Develop a thorough Request For Proposal
  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of a prospective web designer
  • Make sure you can confidently understand exactly how to talk to a prospective Internet marketing partner (aka web designer)
  • Understand what a benefit is and how it differs from a feature
  • Identify product benefit that appeal to your target
  • Learn what W3C compliance is, when you need it and how to make sure your web site meets W3C standards
  • How to create a complete structural plan which you can share with your web designer or creative team
  • Understand some of basic psychology behind the attraction and repulsion of prospects and the structural tactics you can use to assure new visitors
  • Understand the decisions you need to make when you set up an eCommerce store
  • Learn the properties of an effective landing page
  • Learn to plan out ongoing content development, which can be used in your blogging and social media
  • Have realistic expectations when developing traffic strategies
  • Perform basic quality control checks before launching your site

This course is broken into small sessions designed to completely prepare you for what's ahead. We have NOT used confusing terminology to explain things. If we do use a term you're not likely to know we explain it so everything makes sense.

Spare yourself the inevitable frustration of delayed production, misunderstandings and confusion. Taking this course is going to save you so much frustration.

We're offering a 30 day money back guarantee. Honestly, if we haven't transformed the way you think about building a web site then we'll refund you, no questions asked. You've got nothing to lose here folks.

By the end of the day, hundreds of web sites will be launched. Not all of them will be focused and not all of them will be profitable. Yours can be, with the RIGHT TRAINING, the RIGHT FOCUS and the RIGHT ACTIONS!

Enroll in the course TODAY!

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My name is Marc Didemus and I'm the Sales and Marketing Manager of Image Advantage Solutions Inc. Jaeson Tanner has been doing our web design for about the last 15 years. I have attended this on-line course and found it to be spot on. All of the things that you need to know to have a proper web site built are addressed in this course. It's a must for anybody looking at creating a new website and also very helpful for owners of seasoned websites.

- Marc Didemus