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Jaeson Tanner

According to *50% of businesses will fail in the first five years

Author, Web Designer and Marketing Consultant Jaeson Tanner Reveals

How Marketing-Literacy Can Stack the Odds in Your Favour

The importance of becoming marketing–literate. So, how long has it been since you fired your boss? It’s been almost 14 years since I started my business and I can still remember how stressful it was - particularly at the beginning.  Growing debt, problems with employees, collecting from customers and a host of weird miscellaneous challenges. But we’re up for that aren’t we? People who go into go into business for themselves are a unique breed.  It’s estimated that only 15.3% of Americans really have the guts to be self-employed. The ones who make it past their fifth year in business are even more rare.  According to the Small Business Administration only 50% of business will still be in business after their fifth year. It’s not dumb luck or being in the right place or the right time.  The ones who make it past the first year and prosper, think about their businesses differently.  They have made a point of becoming Marketing-Literate.  With that foundation, they’ve gone on to grow great businesses with customers who can’t say enough good things about them. Maybe this sounds like a tall order.  Well, I’m telling you now that IF YOU’RE willing to put in the work, Marketing-Literacy can truly stack the deck in YOUR favour. What’s more Marketing-Literacy can really make things miserable for YOUR competition! Anybody can put out a flyer or have some business cards printed and then say they’re in business.  Growth and prosperity come from becoming Marketing-Literate. Do you have to be a genius or a workaholic to become Marketing-Literate? No, not really. IN many industries, there are very few who are Marketing-Literate.  It’s not that they’re lazy. It’s just that most people are so preoccupied with the day-to-day work of running their businesses that they never get around to “marketing”.  This is good news for you because even if you are just starting to become Marketing-Literate you can really blow past a lot of your competition.  What do I mean by that? Well, have you ever heard the joke about the everglade tour operator? Stop me if you’ve heard this one:  An everglade tour operator is setting out to take a group of tourists on a tour of the alligator-infested everglades.  Before he sets out he turns around and announces that he going to be giving a safety briefing.  He shows everyone where the lifejackets are and then provides this advice:  He says, “If the boat should capsize while we’re out, don’t worry about swimming faster than the alligators.  You only need to swim faster than the OTHER people in the water.” So look at your local marketplace.  How fast do you think you need to swim to get ahead of your competition?  What if everybody else is treading water?  What if everybody is drowning? There are three approaches to becoming a “faster swimmer” than your competitors.

  • The first is by learning Marketing-Literacy from years of expensive trial and error
  • The second is to delegate your Marketing to consultants
  • The third is to educate yourself in the fundamentals and only farm out the technical stuff you decide you actually need

Relying on trial and error can quickly drain your war-chest.  Unless you’re starting out with a Howard Hughes-sized bank account you are going to be broke and living in your parents basement before you know it. Can’t you just delegate the whole thing to a consultant? There are some very good, albeit, high-priced consultants out there who can help you.  But, it’s going to be difficult for them to make any headway until you’ve gotten a minimum understanding of marketing.  Until that happens, you’re completely depending on the judgement of someone who really doesn’t know YOUR business as WELL AS YOU do. Far and away, the best way to become Marketing-Literate is to educate yourself.  In the end, you’ll know exactly who your customers are, how you should talk to them in your advertising and what you should be saying. NOBODY will be better at this than you.  Why is this the case?  Well, you have unique and firsthand knowledge of your customers and NO CONSULTANT will know your product as intimately as you do. So, until you become Marketing-Literate you are severely stifling your businesses chances of survival and growth. I have been teaching these principals to my web design customers for over 14 years. When we are developing a marketing-type partnership with a client we have a limited amount of time to get to a well thought out plan-of-action in place.  To do this, I have to come to AT LEAST a minimum understanding of my clients business AND my client needs to come to at least a BARE-BONES understanding of Marketing. Without a partnership based on THIS mutual understanding, we RISK building a website that TURNS out to be a WASTE OF MONEY.  An emphasis on Marketing-Literacy has made it possible for my clients and I to attract millions of dollars in new business. Can you count on a marketing consultant to make you Marketing-Literate?  Can you rely on your web design company to be Marketing-Literate?  Well, maybe… and maybe not. But, not to worry - becoming Marketing-Literate couldn’t be easier.  We’ve just made our rapid client-training resources available to the public. You get lifetime access to over 5 hours of instruction.  We’ve segmented the course into small manageable chunks so it’s easy to learn at your own pace or quickly go back and review.  You can view the video instruction on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. As of April 25th, 2015 over 1600 students have taken the course in over 25 countries. We’ve also included a copy of the “The 2015 Internet Marketing Handbook for Business Owners” which is currently for sale on Amazon. In business, expenses can quickly get out of control.  Taking charge of your Marketing-Literacy can save you thousands of dollars because you won’t be sucked in by unfocused or experimental marketing gimmicks. You’ve got nothing to lose.  You can try the course for 30 days without risk.  Get started today!  If you’re not happy with for any reason, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.