Gabriela Hirina

Gabi Hirina is the CEO & Founder at Vivamomentum, a company focused on helping small business owners and entrepreneurs generate leads and drive sales using the Web and Social Media platforms. She has been working in the fields of online business, make money from home, and Internet marketing since 2010. She holds two BA's in both Psychology and Engineering. Gabi loves small businesses and loves creating training products to help them thrive.

How To Use Facebook Ads For Business & Make Sales

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Here's what it's all about:

Maybe you’ve heard that Facebook marketing can help you get customers, but you do not believe it. Or maybe you have tried using Facebook Ads but ended up spending alot of money without any (or very little) results.

What if I told you that there is an easy way for you to get clients RIGHT NOW AND MAKE SALES, and this way requires very little on your part?

If you learn how to be great at Facebook advertising you will be one of the few people in the world who knows how to connect ANY product to the group of people who are interested to monetize that.

How valuable is this for you?
Let's say you get one more client today. Would you be happy?

How about 5 more clients this week?
Do you want to understand how you can run the smartest types of Facebook ads?

Start today and learn how to make Facebook Advertising work for You!

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The instructor's approach to selling on Facebook was so interesting that I watched it in one sitting. The written materials are a great bonus, especially the cheat sheet. My favorite part of the course was the case study, but really it is hard to pick a favorite! There is so much great content here. You can get started right away-- great value!

- Tamara Llanes

Fantastic course to get started using FB ads. You could literally watch this course and run your very first Facebook ad in the same day. The first half of the course is more suited to people who are completely inexperienced with Facebook advertising and online sales. But the portion of the course covering the Facebook Power Editor pays for the course for those who are unfamiliar with how to use it. She is a very easy-to-follow teacher who has created very organized sections and lectures that seamlessly flow from one to the other making it easy to comprehend the course in real-time.

- Kimberly Sheridan