Saj Purkayastha

Saj Purkayastha (Saj P) is an entrepreneur from London, UK.

He spent his initial years in business struggling with many frustrations, disappointments and downfalls. Having an incredible vision, and a persistence to never give up, he built his first million dollar business online in the digital marketing space at the age of 24.

In 2008 he started an education and publishing company teaching small business owners how to create an income online using direct response internet marketing strategies. Within a few short years the company became hugely successful with over 400,000 students from every major country in the world. Many of his students were able to scale their businesses to six figures a month, and some to even multiple 7 figures.

During this time Saj became a 9 time number 1 best seller on the largest digital products network in the world clickbank.com who have paid out over 2 Billion dollars to their vendors and affiliates.

He then moved direction and focused his attention on consulting with businesses one to one. Helping them generate more traffic, create affiliate programs, develop product launches, scale their profits and maximize their conversions using cutting edge online advertising and direct response marketing systems.

Till date he has helped companies generate in excess of 3 Million clicks and $30 Million Dollars in revenue online.

Saj has built 3 separate 7 figure businesses himself.

A charismatic public speaker, he has delivered presentations to thousands of people all over the world, and shared the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, and President Bill Clinton.


  • 6 weekly webinars composed of 10 modules
  • Full Templates of Saj’s VSL Scripts, Webinar Scripts, Email templates, Ad Templates and more. All you have to do is copy, edit and deploy for instant profits!

MOBE Max Conversion Formula

Product Description

Want to earn at least 6 figures within the next 6 months with your MOBE business?

Learn the secrets of generating unlimited buyer leads online, and then use Saj P’s proprietary Max Conversion Formula to turn them into high ticket MOBE sales over and over again on autopilot.

Saj P A 7 figure internet marketer and founder of proadvertising.com has trained over 400,000 students worldwide, created 9 number 1 clickbank bestsellers, and has created several 6 and 7 figure earners online some of whom are MOBES top affiliates.

He got started promoting MOBE himself approximately 2 months ago and due to his busy schedule has only been able to work on this business around 2 hours a week. In this time frame he has already generated $140,303.84 in sales from only 1858 clicks! And all of this is from cold traffic and only 99 or so MTTB buyers. This means each buyer is approximately worth $1,417! His formula is now generating 1—3 MTTB buyers daily on autopilot and his MTTB buyer to upgrade conversion ratio is way above average. This is all with only 2 hours a week implementation. Saj is getting ready to scale big and wants to teach you exactly how you can swipe his underground marketing method.

How is this possible?

Well it’s the same formula he used to take a virtually unknown business in an obscure niche a couple of years back to selling 2000 units of a $3000 top tier product and generating over $6 million in under 2 years.

Want to know how it’s done, this is exactly what you will learn in the MOBE Max Conversion Formula, and it is laser targeted to your current MOBE business. If you want an unfair advantage to all the other 10,000 MOBE affiliates, then this knowledge is crucial for your success with this business.


10 action packed modules delivered via weekly webinars over a 6 week period, designed to not only give you the information but make you take action and build out your entire 6 figure business as you go along.

Everything is broken down into easily digestible and actionable modules with live case studies so it’s not just theory but you can look over Saj’s shoulder at his accounts, and get unfair practical insights into real 6 figure campaigns.


  • Learn how to program your mind for guaranteed success. The Mind hacking formula behind all multi millionaires and how you can implant this into your DNA (taken from over a decade worth of personal research and implementation)
  • Discover how to create your master plan to dominate this market and skyrocket your MOBE business
  • And a lot more ...


  • Discover how to jump into the mind of your exact target audience to find out who they really are, where they hang out online, where they are spending their money, what are their desires, what they need, what are their pains etc. With this knowledge it becomes easy to talk their language and get maximum conversions. The information in this module is what really makes the difference between multi millionaire marketers and those who struggle to make money.
  • And a lot more ...


  • Discover how to sell product from $1K—$50K + all day long with the MC Formula which is laid out as science that you can replicate and deploy.
  • The $6 Million dollar MCF case study
  • And a lot more ...


  • How to position yourself as a leader and an authority to build massive trust and increase sales even if you have made no money online.
  • How to create a cult like following and have your followers obey your every command online.
  • And a lot more ...


  • The 6 figure MOBE Video Sales Letter Formula
  • How to create your very own branded high converting MOBE VSL in one day
  • The 7 figure webinar formula
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  • How to create simple funnels with only 2 landing pages that bring in multiple 6 figures in sales on autopilot
  • How to create high converting funnels with conversion rates of 60%+ within minutes even if you have no technical skills
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  • How to create a profit sucking email soap opera sequence that has your audience glued and sells your MOBE products for you 7 days a week on complete autopilot
  • Live case studies and templates
  • The Secret MOBE X Hack template that has allowed Saj to supercharge his conversion rate. This forces all of your MTTB buyers to complete their 21 steps and literally upgrade to MLR and beyond (never released before)
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  • The underground art of preselling, the biggest secret behind the the biggest earners online
  • How to guarantee that your MTTB buyers will upgrade to MLR and beyond and create a burning desire and motivation within them to do so.
  • Live case study
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  • Learn the most important skill in the whole of online marketing ==>> COPYWRITING
  • Easy to follow system
  • Learn how to write killer emails, squeeze pages, vsls, sales pages, and high converting monster profit boosting ads
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  • How to drive a continuous stream of highly targeted and hungry qualified buyer leads into your MOBE business that will keep your earning income with this business for years
  • Facebook marketing secrets and walk through ...

(Learn how Saj is generating hungry buyer leads from Facebook for $1.25 or less and then turning them into MLR buyers fast) - how to generate highly qualified leads for less than a dollar

  • live case studies and over the shoulder videos
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  • how to automate and outsource your entire business so you gain freedom to live the life you want whilst your online MOBE business churns out daily life changing income without you doing a thing.
  • how to scale up your business from 5 to 6 figures and then from 6 figures to 7 figures and beyond
  • And a lot more ...

+ Many BONUSES i.e.

Full Templates of Saj’s VSL Scripts, Webinar Scripts, Email templates, Ad Templates and more. All you have to do is copy, edit and deploy for instant profits!

My Email Marketing Empire


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Saj was one of two guys who introduced me to the world of internet marketing and the possibility of generating millions of dollars from home, and how making up to $100,000 dollars a day was possible. It had given me a sense of direction, hope, mission and plan to dominate. Now I am grateful and blessed to run a multi million dollar business at the age of 25. It takes me on average 100 days to generate $1 Million in revenue now. Each and everyday I do whatever I want, in whatever country I want to be in. I have students paying me $5,000—$50,000 to come and learn from me. It’s Magical. It’s not about the money, yet who I become in the process. Living from a place of gratitude, detachment and higher awareness of what’s possible. This was because of my millionaire mentor Saj.

- Shaqir Hussain

Before I met Saj I was struggling to make ends meet, and felt helpless watching my bills pile up. It was difficult as I had NO direction. NO stability and NOTHING seemed to be working for me. With a few short but concise mentoring sessions with Saj, my business went from churning out a few small bucks a week, to a few hundred bucks a day, and then to several thousands of dollars a month. Last year my business profited over $250,000 and this year I’m on track to meet my next goal of $750,000 … (That’s over $2,000 a day) He is a POWERFUL individual not only as a business leader, but as also as friend. Personally he is always striving to show people their true potential through his commitment to excellence, and has continually helped me to become the strongest version of myself. Thanks Saj!

- Rasheed Mulla