Daniel King

Daniel King is a former Financial Advisor that built a financial services business from the ground up almost 15 years ago after purchasing a business from another advisor with about $1,000,000.00 in assets and built it up to almost 12 million. Daniel was one of the top financial advisors for many years with a major financial institution winning many awards for his expertise in the financial and stock markets.

Daniel has always been a very hard working, business minded, very caring person that believes that hard does not necessarily get you to where you want to be. You have to think outside the box and work smarter.

So after working for almost 50 to 60 hours per week including weekends for many many years, he decided that it was time to put his background and experience to work and show other like minded people how to earn a good 6 figure income not by working hard, but by working smarter.

Daniel provides one of the hottest money making concepts online right now and wants to show you how to earn the same income faster and easier.


  • 11 training modules in video format.

Online Road To Wealth

Product Description

My On Line Road To Wealth consists of an 11 module training program delivered in video format. Listen To Daniel as he shows you and walks you through which traffic methods he used for making many thousands of dollars every week and more.

Video 1—How To Use My On Line Profits Method.

Video 2—How To Track Down The Best Products

Video 3—Discovering The Best Keywords That Are Guaranteed To Succeed.

Video 4—How To Set Up Your Business on Autopilot Every Day.

Video 5—How To Set Up An Automatic Lazy Way To Riches Business. Don’t Miss This One.

Video 6—How To Set Up A Web Site For Pennies Professionally.

Video 7—How To Set Up An Amazing Squeeze Page That Converts Like Crazy Over and Over Automatically.

Video 8—YouTube Traffic For Pennies In A Nutshell and How To Drive Traffic To Your Video.

Video 9—YouTube Traffic In A Nutshell and How To Optimize Your You Tube Video So That It Attracts Thousands Of Views.

Video 10—This Video You Can’t Afford To Miss. Daniel Walks You Through Step By Step How Get Your Video Ranked The Highest On All Channels.

And so much more.

My Email Marketing Empire


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I have known Daniel for many years and he his honest and ethical and delivers. Daniel Is an innovative and very customer focused man that has delivered time and time again on his promises with. I have used his services many times in the past and will continue to do so for the future.

Thanks to Dan, my business has been very profitable. I highly recommend you use his services.

- Frank Derosa

What can I say about Daniel King. I real go getter that is hard working and dedicated to my success and has walked me through step by step on all my online and offline business needs and requirements.

I’ve known Daniel for quite some time and trust him 100% with his knowledge and experience. I’ve been using his services for many years and would recommend my friend Dan in a heartbeat. You won’t be sorry.

- Karen Banks