Vaida Bogdan

Vaida Bogdan burst onto the public speaking scene in 2009 and built the wildly popular time management website Castiga Timp (in Romanian). Known for his no-nonsense approach to getting results, Bogdan has been told that he gives “insanely practical advice” that anyone can implement.

What does he do now? He offers busy people the opportunity to find free time and to create an equilibrium between their personal and professional life. He does this by teaching productivity principles and techniques specific to their personality.

He has over 4500 enthusiastic students and his courses are distributed on platforms all over the world arriving even as far as Russia and Japan. His motto is "I teach students how to become their own teachers!"

The Secrets of Habits

Product Description

This course is here to guide you into implementing effective, down–to-earth strategies to achieve your goals.

This is not a listing of hundreds of techniques.

In this course we talk about practical things, the things that work.

Things like:

- Habit linking -> an effective strategy to remember your habit at the exact moment you need to activate it.

- The 3 elements of a habit -> the only theory in the course (but we aren't stopping here, after this lesson you'll be able to better understand your habitual actions and how to rewrite them according to your needs)

- The SBS technique and how you can use it to keep yourself motivated over long periods of time.

All of the techniques come from personal experience.

In this course I'll tell you how I lost 22 pounds, how I exercise daily (and how you can too, in only 30 minutes) and you'll get useful bonuses, bonuses that will complement the content of the course.

  • Over 12 lectures and 35 mins of content!
  • Practical project: create one long lasting habit that survives the first 30 days
  • Learn how to program your brain to always remember your healthy habit
  • Develop an ironclad willpower and the motivation that gets the job done
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The lecturer knows very well his craft and the production quality is excellent. Willpower and SBS technique is the practical way to build small habits. Success brings success but they all begins from a single step.

- Jay Ann Marie Blancaflor

Will power is really important in habit building. Just what like Yoda said. If you believe you can do it. Then you can!

- Amy Kirch