Vaida Bogdan

Vaida Bogdan burst onto the public speaking scene in 2009 and built the wildly popular time management website Castiga Timp (in Romanian). Known for his no-nonsense approach to getting results, Bogdan has been told that he gives “insanely practical advice” that anyone can implement.

What does he do now? He offers busy people the opportunity to find free time and to create an equilibrium between their personal and professional life. He does this by teaching productivity principles and techniques specific to their personality.

He has over 4500 enthusiastic students and his courses are distributed on platforms all over the world arriving even as far as Russia and Japan. His motto is "I teach students how to become their own teachers!"

The Secrets of Time

Product Description

Section 1 - Introduction

  • Video 1 Introductory materials

Section 2 - The beginner's guide

  • Video 1 Learn how to apply this course regardless of how little time you have + PDF: In the first day of training it’s important to once and for all identify your productivity issues. In order to do this I’ve prepared a test for you. Please use a learning pace of 1 lecture per day. This is the recommended pace to do all the exercises and to get the best outcome from this training.
  • Video 2 How will you get your questions answered +PDF
  • Video 3 Find out how you actually spend your time +PDF
  • Video 4 BONUS: The "Do it Thursday" technique
  • Video 5 The simplest time management system +PDF

Section 3 - The mentality of a winner

  • Video 1 The failure / success mentality +PDF
  • Video 2 BONUS SPEECH: I am a champion +VIDEO
  • Video 3 How do you perceive the passage of time +PDF: Take your MBTI test now. The test will give you a personality type composed of 4 letters. The last one is J or P. In general, P is associated with "in time" people and J with "through time" people. The next video will talk more about the difference of the 2 typologies.
  • Video 4 Youtube: The Secret Powers of Time +VIDEO
  • Video 5 The simplest way to transform “wasted time” into “saved time"  +PDF
  • Video 6 My secret habit +PDF
  • Video 7 Why I NEVER have regrets (+exercise) +PDF

Section 4 - Fight against procrastination

  • Video 1 Eliminate decision-making; only make the first step!+PDF
  • Video 2 The real way to get rid of your dependencies (experiment) +PDF
  • Video 3 SURVEY: Training progress
  • Video 4 The “do tomorrow what can be done today” system – improved +PDF
  • Video 5 Now you’re at a critical point! +PDF

Section 5 - How to focus on your priorities regardless of interruptions

  • Video 1 The importance of doable tasks +PDF
  • Video 2 Only work on tasks that you can finish now +PDF
  • Video 3 Stress: solutions and resolutions +PDF
  • Video 4 BONUS EXERCISE: How to relieve stress +VIDEO EMBED
  • Video 5 What to do if you have a tendency to keep postponing things +PDF
  • Video 6 You can’t keep up with the materials? +PDF

Section 6 - Vision – plan your objectives so that you can easily fulfill them

  • Video 1 The “try everything, stick only to what has results” mentality +PDF
  • Video 2 Assigning tasks: anyone can have an assistant +PICTURE +PDF
  • Video 3 BONUS: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life +VIDEO EMBED
  • Video 4 How to keep your personal and professional lives balanced +PDF
  • Video 5 7 simple ways to say no +PDF
  • Video 6 BONUS: Your Core Values Test (or how to do the right choice) +EMBED
  • Video 7 BONUS: The Pyramid Technique

Section 7 - Outro

  • Video 1 Closing words
Secrets of time


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Every time I tried to seek help with organizing myself and spending my time more efficiently, I wasn’t taken seriously. It didn’t seem such a big deal to others, so I decided to study on this topic myself. Now I’ve also found support.

- Anca Raluca

I liked the variety of the materials, meaning that besides theory there are also practical exercises. This course made clear what I was doing wrong and what to do to be capable of maximum motivation. Applying what I learned only depends on me now.

- Cosmin