The Secrets of Time

Double your productivity, be stress-free and get rid of the illusion that you don't have enough time once and for all!


Hello and welcome,

During this course I’ll be offering you videos, quizzes and practical exercises that will teach you how to win your war against time. The entire content is based on case studies, trainings and my experience in individual coaching sessions. Apart from that, you should know that a lot of the techniques that will be presented were used by some of the most successful people of both the past and the present. One of the techniques was used by one of the presidents of the USA, so that he could keep his tasks under control (this technique is used today by the director of a range of IT products in Romania).

Have a very productive day!

Vaida Bogdan

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Secrets of Time

Course Goal and Objectives

- Get an hour of free time every day, no matter how busy your schedule is

- Double your productivity: learn how to work efficiently, even when you’re constantly interrupted

- Balance your professional and personal life to get rid, once and for all, of the stress and the tasks that overwhelm you

Intended Audience

- Anyone who has issues with time management, stress, procrastination, planning and goal setting

- Entrepreneurs and small business owners

- People that are organizing more than 3 projects at a time

Double Your Productivity!

Because now even you can find out how to:

  • Get an hour of free time every day, no matter how busy your schedule is
  • Double your productivity: learn how to work efficiently, even when you’re constantly interrupted
  • Balance your professional and personal life to get rid, once and for all, of the stress and the tasks that overwhelm you

If they did it, even though they were in the same situation as you, then …

In 5 years of time management trainings I’ve been confronted with different, sometimes extreme, cases: from Alina, a single mom who tried to balance day to day priorities between her child and her job, to get 2 hours of sleep per night, to a programmer who worked on 5 projects at the same time (plus a secondary business).

Time problems are an illusion, an excuse that your brain gives in order to protect your mentality. There is a solution to this problem, a solution that I’m offering you below.

Did you know you can have a 25-hour day?

No matter how rich or healthy you are, you cannot buy time. Time is the only limited resource which is constantly out of your grasp. So why not grasp it properly?

Why should you lose control over your life, solving emergencies after emergencies and postponing to no end your dream vacation?

In this course you will find out how to finish what you have to do and still have some free time in your extremely busy day.

Real techniques that you can apply from the very first day

My name is Vaida Bogdan and I’m the founder of the first time management website in Romania. I want to show you my new training called “The Secrets of Time”, whose purpose is to double your productivity, rid you of day-to-day stress and gradually improve your habits.

This is not a traditional training. I will not be showing you techniques that I got off the internet, which might prove to be useful or not.

From the very first day, you’ll learn new methods and modern techniques, such as “The Pyramid Technique” (which will clarify the road you want to walk on and what you want to do with your future) and “Constructive Postponement” (a less known technique with will “swap” the stress in your mind with a state of creativity and productivity).

Look what Calin Iepure, entrepreneur and consultant in business strategy, moderator of Business Days and facilitator for the Bootcamp University, says about the course:

"Hello! I’m Calin Iepure. I met Bogdan Vaida some 4 years ago during the weekly meetings of Timisoara Toastmasters. Since then I was introduced to his educational programs and I’ve seen how they make our life, my life and yours and the life of those who participate in them, a lot better. With their help I managed to better organize my time and become more productive. If you, right now, are interested in personal development, want to increase your productivity and motivation, I strongly recommend Bogdan’s online courses."

So, will you start to use modern methods and technologies such as these two techniques or you will stick with the old methods you found on the internet, that don’t work as you’d like or don’t work at all?

During this training you will be using tools that suit you, personally

You will have access to a collection of tools that were tested in numerous training sessions and supported by many examples and case studies.

Recently, I had a drink with a psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in this field and he jokingly said that people will not have time for a time management course.I took the joke seriously, which is why:

In the first video you’ll learn how to make time to apply what you learn in the following videos!

What “The Secrets of Time” does for you:

Even though this training will take over most of your responsibilities to organize yourself and plan your daily schedule by developing the key abilities of a productive person, you still have one major responsibility.

Go through the training from A to Z, step by step, by using “The beginner’s guide” and the other tools at your disposal and allow it to gradually improve your habits and behavior.

In this way you will become a new person, a better version of yourself. Your day can even have 25 hours. In reality, I say 25 hours because that will be your impression when you start having too much time for reading, sports, socializing with your friends or whatever it is that you want to do.

The truth is most people are disorganized, time slips through their fingers every day and if you give them a deadline, they feel like they’re imprisoned. Do you identify yourself with this description? Then I’m not exaggerating when I say that after this training you’ll have the impression that your day really has 30 hours!

Let’s stick with 25, though, because anyone who uses this training can win an hour, regardless of the level he/she is at.An hour can make a major difference in your life.

Thank you, Bogdan! HONESTLY, your training helped me very much, especially to organize myself and become aware of certain things. I think the most useful advice is the one to get rid of things on the 3rd quadrant (irrelevant to me and stressful) and spend more time on the things on the 2nd quadrant – what I feel is truly important to me. I now think that work on my main project – my PhD degree – will suffer less because of a lot of stuff / projects that I tend to get involved in (the result of the MBTI test …)

Radu Andrei Negrila
ONLY $97!!!

Course Outline


1. The beginner’s guide

They say you know a book is good after you’ve read its first page. I’ve applied this same mentality for this course. - In “The beginner’s guide” you learn some quick tricks that have immediate results. The entire concept of the course and how it can offer you tangible results from the very beginning will be explained to you. - Together, we will find out what your main issues are and you will make the first steps to get rid of them - In this module, you’ll have the first complete system to help you organize yourself on a daily basis and I will show you, in practice, how easy it is to use from the very beginning. - You’ll also find out what my mentality was when I decided to lose 24 pounds, to broaden my circle of friends and how I got to teaching others to win their war on time.

2. The mentality of a winner

Did you know that only one hour of your day is truly productive? Find out which one in the second module, also called “The mentality of a winner”. It’s called as such because, in this module, you will acquire the mentality of an entrepreneur (which prevents the continuous postponement of tasks through a counterintuitive technique). - In this module I will tell you what mentality successful people have when they make their first step, so that you never get stuck in any way. - Together, we will find out what your main issues are and what first steps to make to get rid them. - You will also find out how to transform “wasted time” into “saved time” (this technique alone gave me the time I needed to study over 300 materials, time I never thought I had!) - I will also tell you about my secret habit, which bothers many people, but helps me make the right choices and keep stress away!

3. Instant self-motivation!

Do you have motivation but don’t have results? This module is strictly on this topic! We won’t give up until we succeed, right? - In this module you’ll find out what are the 2 factors that keep you from making that first step and how you can get rid of them in order to get started. - You will also learn 3 practical techniques to reduce the impact of the dependencies that consume your time - I will also offer you another complete time management system, which helped me throughout the years (and I will also show you a demo video). I’ve constantly improved this system and used it to work on 9 projects at the same time and I’m sure you can also adapt it to your needs. - Finally, I’ll show you a self-motivation technique which, if properly used, can rid you once and for all of procrastinating unpleasant tasks.

4. Fight against procrastination

Why do you keep abandoning projects? Have you ever asked yourself that? Did you find out why? I guess not. In 2009 I was asked this question for the very first time and I did not know how to answer it. I was a trainer, not a psychologist.  But I promised to come up with an answer and I did. I read intensely, I spoke with psychotherapists and exchanged e-mail messages with international trainers who were specialized in behavioral changes. In the end, I found the answer and I can’t wait to reveal it to you. It’s a very small change that will instantly make you go “AHA!”. Then you’ll ask yourself (as I did back then) why you haven’t thought about it until now! - When you get here you’ll discover how much you can achieve if you rephrase your tasks - You always hear: “focus on results”, but now you’ll become the person who achieves those results! - Find out what the main reasons why we’re stressed are and what techniques you can apply to get rid of each type of stress - Do you have a tendency to procrastinate certain tasks? Find out how to immediately identify them and finish them on the same day! - Identify the tasks that must be postponed so that you can focus on your goals - By the end, you’ll learn an advanced technique to keep up with your tasks when you have a lot on your hands (and still some more coming your way).

5. How to focus on your priorities regardless of interruptions

You have the mentality and the motivation and you don’t back away from anything. You’ve already had your first results and, from now on, I’ll make sure those results take you towards your chosen goal. Do you like to be a winner, but you always seem to come in second? Not after this training! Fight against laziness and apathy, double your productivity, get over the obstacles in your way and aim for success!!! - In this module you’ll discover and stick with the techniques that truly suit you. - Together, we will find out what your main issues are and what first steps to make to get rid of them - I’ve had a cook, someone to clean around the house and an assistant ever since I got first job. Hiring these people is cheaper than you think and, in this module, I’ll prove it to you! - Are you working late? Do you mix your personal and professional tasks? After this module you’ll manage to keep a balance between your personal and professional lives! - Have you ever made choices that you later regretted? Have you ever chosen money over your family or perhaps family over money even though, when you made the choice, everything seemed clear? Find out how to avoid the trap of the big decisions in your life!

6. Vision – plan your objectives so that you can easily fulfill them

This is one of the most important modules that you need. - In this module we’ll focus on how to visualize your own future and how you can make it come true. I focused a lot on this aspect of my life, I’ve learnt from people who started from 0 and were successful and now you’ll also learn how to aim high and get there! - This module is not a motivational one; you’ll actually learn how to get to the top of the pyramid, how to make your dreams come true and how to steer through life’s turbulent waves - Here you will learn the international technique with the help of which successful and very busy people from around the world organize their lives. Find out how stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith and Tom Cruise save time and learn from their experiences. You will finally have a balance between your personal and professional lives. You will be free of stress and of multitasking (which, in any case, is a disadvantage) and you will have more free time. Once you have more free time the quality of your life will increase, because you will become a person who does important things, is focused and ready for action! It won’t come as a surprise if your work and effort are more appreciated as a result of the changes brought about by “The Secrets of Time” training. It might even result in the long awaited promotion and the increase of the income generated by your activity, because others will see the changes in you and in what you do. However, I can’t guarantee those last two things. They will depend on you. I’m only letting you know what might happen if you use your time to the maximum.

ONLY $97!!!