Done For You Ebook:

Done For You Ebook

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Ebooks are one of the most powerful “Positioning Tools” on the planet and can make selling high-ticket programs virtually effortless.

When you combine a well-written ebook with a proven sales funnel (like MOBE) it can be the foundation for a massively successful business.

There’s just one problem …

How do you write an ebook and establish credibility when you’re new?

It’s nearly impossible, but there is ONE way …

You can “borrow” credibility by co-authoring an ebook with a trusted expert.

The MOBE Done-For-You ebook gives you that credibility with a co-authored ebook with Matt Lloyd, CEO and Founder of MOBE …

… giving you one of the most powerful front-end offers on the planet for bringing in floods of buyers.

Your new buyers will then be sold MLR, Titanium, and Platinum that you’ll get $1,250 … $3,300 … and $5,500 commissions on.

Writing is PAINFUL. But you don’t have to worry, because we do all the heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do is complete a short survey about your business and provide us with a brief bio. Our professional copywriters will handle all of the heavy lifting for you.

You will get:

  • “Done For You” ebook, co-authored by Matt Lloyd embedded with your unique MOBE affiliate links
  • Sales page ready to take orders so you can start selling your ebook right away
  • “Done For You” banners that you can use to promote the ebook on the web
  • “Done For You” auto-responder sequence to follow up with leads that opt-in

This service is a one-time, limited offer being extended to MOBE Titanium and Platinum partners. As a Diamond partner, this is included in your membership.

Click here to learn more about this incredible one of a kind offer.

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