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3 Ways to Use Killer Email Copy to Extract Cash Out of Your List on Demand

Being able to market to your mailing list is critical. There will never be a substitute for that. Luckily there are three ways to get the maximum amount of money out of your list…

Choice #1: Become an Email Marketing Master

Time Cost: High
Money Cost: High

The Method:

  1. Invest in several copywriting training courses and coaching programs. (Decent coaching programs start at $2,000)
  2. Write emails every single day to your list and measure your results.
  3. Watch your open rate, click-through rate, and conversion statistics every day.
  4. Keep writing every day for the rest of your internet marketing career.
Choice #2: Hire a Professional Email Copywriter

Time Cost: Low
Money Cost: High

The Method:

  1. Search online for a professional copywriter with proven results. Make sure you check for references, past accomplishments, etc.
  2. Interview each copywriter and hire one for $150-200 per email. (Going much lower on this will get you very poor results).
  3. See if you can negotiate to $100 per email for buying in bulk.
  4. Be prepared to spend at least $3,000 a month for daily emails

Now neither of those may sound like that much fun… but until recently, this was all you had to pick from. And to be honest… if you have a great list and high converting emails coming from a top copywriter, $3,000 should make you many times that amount back. The problem is a lot of us don’t have $3,000 to spend every month.

And the first method… training yourself to be a top copywriter and writing every email yourself takes so much time that it becomes a second job in itself.

However, for a limited time, I’d like to grant you a third option to work with…

Choice #3: Register for Matt Lloyd’s “Done-for-You Email Service”

Time Cost: Zero
Money Cost: Very Low

The Method:

  1. Sign up for “Done-for-You Email Service”
  2. Receive a marketing email every day written personally by Matt Lloyd with your MOBE links already pasted in.
  3. Send the email to your list.
  4. Watch your commissions for the day double or triple and keep track of how much money is piling up.
  5. Repeat and start having a 30-second workday from your business

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