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Done For You Webinar

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Do you know what the Number #1 automated method for making high-ticket sales is in the history of online marketing?


That’s right.

In 2013, people watched over 1 BILLION minutes of webinars online, and the numbers keep going up.

Every day people buy products, courses, and programs at $1,000 (or more) via webinars and over 90% of the process is completely automated.

With the advances in technology in the past few years, it’s very easy to promote automated webinars that appear “live” to the user but were actually pre-recorded days, weeks, or even months before.

Once that webinar is recorded, it can be used for years to come to bring in money on auto-pilot.

I personally have sold 1,000s of my MOBE License Rights program (MLR) with automated webinars that air every single day, bringing in sales for my company like clockwork.

And I’m not the only one …

Every single online entrepreneur I know that has made $1 million (or more) online promotes webinars to their list.

But there’s a problem with webinars …

They take time, effort, and specialized knowledge to create, air, and promote.

At least they DID …

Until now.

You see, I’ve put together a program where my team will create a custom “Done For You” webinar for you that features you (as the host) and me (as the presenter) that you can use to exponentially increase the number of MLR sales (and commissions) you bring in.

You will get:

  • “Done For You” webinar, co-branded featuring you as the host and Matt Lloyd as presenter embedded with your unique MOBE affiliate links
  • Webinar registration page ready to take orders so you can start booking registrants right away
  • “Done For You” banners that you can use to promote the webinar on the web
  • “Done For You” auto-responder sequence to follow up with leads that opt-in

This service is a one-time, limited offer being extended to MOBE Titanium and Platinum partners. As a Diamond partner, this is included in your membership.

Click here to learn more about this incredible one of a kind offer.

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